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write asset files to a package directry given an entry point


write asset files to a package directory given an entry point


Given an entry point on process.argv[2], create a browserify bundle and write the inline assets to opts.dst:

var copier = require('parcel-processor');
var browserify = require('browserify');
var path = require('path');
var file = path.resolve(process.argv[2]);
copier(browserify(file), {
    keys: [ 'style' ],
    dst: __dirname + '/dst'


var copier = require('parcel-processor')

Given a browserify instance b and some options opts, copy asset files from the parcel-map output to the destination opts.dst.

The options are:

  • opts.dst - the destination root to start writing package files at
  • opts.keys - array of keys for parcel-map to read from the package.json
  • opts.defaults - object of default values passed directly through to parcel-map

The return value is an event emitter cp with some events documented below.


When the concatenated css bundle has been written, this event fires with the file path.

When the concatenated js bundle has been written, this event fires with the file path.

This event fires when a package is being written.

pkg has these properties:

  • pkg.isParcel - whether the package is a parcel
  • pkg.package - the package.json contents
  • pkg.assets - an array of assets paths declared in pkg
  • - the package.json identifier from parcel-map
  • pkg.files - an object mapping the opts.keys types to arrays of matching file paths for each type
  • pkg.path - the path to the package root containing a package.json
  • pkg.dependencies - an array of dependency ids that pkg depends on
  • pkg.hash - the hash name used for the asset directory

Example pkg output:

{ package: 
   { view: 'view.html',
     main: 'main.js',
     style: '*.css',
     __dirname: '/home/substack/projects/parcel-processor/example/views/page1' },
  assets: [ '/home/substack/projects/parcel-processor/example/views/page1/x.css' ],
  id: '2814e2ae0d4b530be5c8adee15a7d5ce16246f96',
  files: { style: [ '/home/substack/projects/parcel-processor/example/views/page1/x.css' ] },
  path: '/home/substack/projects/parcel-processor/example/views/page1',
  dependencies: [],
  hash: '5c1f45e9747e602cfcda7c2b390b6779d11acb80' }

This event fires when the asset map from parcel-map is available.

When the package and all dependent packages are completely written, this event fires.


With npm do:

npm install parcel-processor