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Enhanced TypeScript integration for Parcel.


Differences with Parcel native support

While Parcel has built-in transpiling support for TypeScript, this plugin provides additionnal features.

If you only need transpiling then this plugin might not be necessary. You can see this plugin as a Parcel version of awesome-typescript-loader or ts-loader.

This plugin is in an early stage and may not be stable. This first stable version will be 1.0.0.


  • Type checking:
    Checking your TypeScript code for errors, in a separate process for speed.
  • Path mappings:
    Rewriting your import on the fly accordingly to your paths and baseUrl compiler options.

Upcoming features

  • TSLint support
  • User-defined AST transformers

Angular Support

Angular support has been moved to parcel-plugin-angular.


yarn add parcel-plugin-typescript


npm install parcel-plugin-typescript


For configuration, you can pass a parcelTsPluginOptions object in your tsconfig.json:

  "compilerOptions": {...},
  // the plugin options
  "parcelTsPluginOptions": {
    // If true type-checking is disabled
    "transpileOnly": false


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