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Build your RESTFul service by writing document not code.


$ pancake-cli [path/to/your/document] -o ./models

What's PancakeD

Pancake is mostly for developing a model system for the Node.js platform, so it of course contains the ECMAScript's built-in types as:

  • Number
  • String
  • Object
  • Boolean

Pancake also owns the following features with love to build the all things:

  • metatype: the metatype has the ability to make types.
  • embedable: this type of models are not real for providing the RESTFul API, which is only used for presenting a data structure in other models.
  • models: Every document may have a MODELS section which will be used for generating JSON that'd be accepted by neaty or other frameworks.

Get started with pancakeD


The .pancakerc is a JSON file which lets us to define:

  • which documents should be included into the model building.
  • the output directory

document structure

Every document basically is consists of the following sections:

  • RECOMMENDED OVERVIEW options: namely the top of this document that we define AUTHOR, TITLE and others, this is recommended content even if the pancake builder doesn't take this into.
  • a RECOMMENDED top level headline named STATUS OF THIS DOCUMENT, that we will read the content there to get the document/specification status.
  • a RECOMMENDED top level headline named METATYPE, that we will read it to generate meta types dynamically.
  • a RECOMMENDED top level headline named EMBEDABLE, that we are using it to generate the embedable model.
  • a RECOMMENDED top level headline named MODELS that we are using to build the models.

Pancake Ecosystem

  • weflex/pancake-agent an agent library to execute the PTC(Pancake Target Code), which is based on loopback
  • weflex/pancake-sdk-javascript The pancake SDK for JavaScript builder, this tool is a library and CLI to let you build JavaScript library to connect your data store at browser-side.


npm install pancake -g


MIT @ WeFlex, Inc.




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