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Next generation Palles Gavebod

As default the application will load on localhost:8080. Se a running example on

How to install and run the application

// Build and install the application
git clone
npm install
npm run build
// create config file
mv config.example.js config.js
// fill out the blanks in the config file. 
// NB! a lot of the services are restricted by DBC
// Start the application
 npm run serve

New Relic

As New Relic is used by DBC A/S this application requires New Relic to be configured.
If you want to run the application but can't provide a New Relic configuration you can start the application with NEW_RELIC_NO_CONFIG_FILE=true which will throw an error but wont crash your application.


Unit tests

Unit tests are placed with the modules and components in a tests folder to run the tests: npm run test

Selenium tests

The selenium tests (found in the /selenium directory) are integration tests, and mainly run in an phantomjs instance. to run tests: npm run selenium