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A non-functional pairing heap data structure for implementing a priority queue. Based on the implementation in:

G. Navarro, R. Paredes. (2010) "On sorting, heaps, and minimum spanning trees" Algorithmica


var pq = require('pairing-heap')


An empty pairing heap

var node = pq.create(weight)

Creates a new heap node with some initial weight

  • weight is the weight of the node to create

Returns a new node

var merged = pq.merge(heap1, heap2)

Merges two heaps together

  • heap1,heap2 are both pairing heaps

Returns a merged heap

root = pq.pop(root)

Removes the root item from a heap

  • root is the root of the heap

Returns a heap with the min item poppped off. NIL if heap is empty

root = pq.decreaseKey(root, node)

To decrease the weight of an item, update it and then call this function.

  • root is the root of the heap
  • node is an item whose key is being decreased

Returns the root of the new heap


(c) 2015 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License