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Brunch with Hampsters

This is the Ember.js Brunch app skeleton that I always wanted. And now I have it! Muwahahaah.


Bonus Features

Getting started

brunch new <appname> --skeleton
brunch w -s


$ git clone
$ npm install
$ brunch w -s


$ git clone && npm install && brunch w -s


There are some helpful generators to get you started.

First install scaffolt

npm install -g scaffolt

Calling scaffolt controller corn will make a new controller at app/controllers/

module.exports = CornController = Em.ObjectController.extend
  content: null

The following generators are supported out of the box:

  • Controller
  • Model (T)
  • ModelTest
  • Style
  • Template
  • View (T)
  • ViewTest

(T) Denotes a generator that also generates it's own test file.

All the generators live inside the /generators directory. They are easily customizable and you can quickly create your own. See the saffolt for more information.


Includes mocha for testing.

./bin/test will run all the tests from from the command line using phantom-js.

If you want to run the tests in the browser you can run brunch w -s and then visit localhost:3333/test/. This works with autoreload.


This started as a frankenmoster of my favorite parts of elving/brunch-with-hipsters and charlesjolley/ember-brunch

Special thanks to both those smart brunchers.