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The power of Meteor and the simplicity and eco-system of AngularJS


Getting started with Angular Meteor

Getting started tutorial


Meteor Project

  1. Install Meteor $ curl https://install.meteor.com | /bin/sh
  2. Create a new meteor app using $ meteor create myapp or navigate to the root of your existing app
  3. Install Angular $ meteor add angular
  4. Remove unneeded packages $ meteor remove blaze-html-templates ecmascript

Meteor client side - with Bower

Use Meteor as a service in your existing non Meteor angular application

  1. Install meteor-client-side $ bower install meteor-client-side
  2. Install angular-meteor $ bower install angular-meteor


We would love contributions in:

  1. Code - We would love to get your pull requests, just don't forget the tests..
  2. Tutorial - our goal with the tutorial is to add as many common use cases as possible. If you want to create and add your own chapter we would be happy to help you writing and adding it. Also if you want to record a video for a chapter we would love to help you.
  3. Roadmap - you can add a card about what you want to see in the library or in the tutorial.
  4. I (Urigo) live around the world with one small bag, so another way of contributing can be by offering me a place to sleep somewhere interesting around the world that I have to see :)

If you want to contribute and need help or don't know what should you do, you can contact me directly

Contributor Developer Setup

Run local angular-meteor in your project

Create your Meteor Project

meteor create myProject
cd myProject

Fork angular-meteor and clone the angular-meteor library to another directory named angular

mkdir angular
git clone https://github.com/[your_username]/angular-meteor.git angular

Create a packages directory under your project's root folder and link your forked repo

cd myProject
ln -s ~/path_to_your_repos/angular/packages/

Now you can start using your own copy of the angular-meteor project from myProject.

Running tests

In the command line

. run_tests.sh

Then go to localhost:3000 in your browser

Contributing to documentation and tutorials.

Whether it's a typo, some clarification, or a whole new feature - here's how to get started:

  1. Clone angular-meteor on your local machine
  2. Go to the docs directory at cd docs/angular-meteor
  3. Run the app for the documentation meteor
  4. Start tweaking and updating!


Go to the official docs


This project started as ngMeteor, a pre-0.9 meteorite package. Since then a lot has changed but that was the main base.

Also, a lot of features were inspired by @superchris's angular-meteor fork of ngMeteor



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