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    Overwatch League GO

    Enjoy Overwatch League right from your desktop!

    Follow Overwatch League matches, teams, and players right on your console. Best CLI tool for Overwatch League fans and Engineers!

    All Overwatch League data is from the Overwatch League API.

    NOTE: The Overwatch League API is not officially maintained by Blizzard.


    To use OWL Go, Be sure to have Node v6.0.0 or higher. Then type the following in your command prompt:

    $ npm install -g owl-go

    You can also install this inside a Docker container:

    $ docker build -t owl-go:latest .
    $ docker run -it owl-go:latest

    The container will display the schedule for the current week by default, but you can use a different command anytime. For example:

    $ docker run -it owl-go:latest owl-go player geguri


    owl-go has the following commands:

    1. schedule or s
    2. teams or ts
    3. team or t
    4. player or p
    5. standings or st


    See this weeks Overwatch League schedule here! Follow score updates and match progress from the current week for your favorite teams!

    $ owl-go schedule

    Depending on the status of the game you chose, a different result will be shown. There are three kinds of statuses that may be displayed.

    Status Example Description
    PENDING Shows when the game starts.
    IN_PROGRESS Shows live game map status and score!
    CONCLUDED Shows the final scoreboard of a match.


    See all the teams competing in the Overwatch League this season!

    $ owl-go teams


    Follow your favorite Overwatch League Teams!


    -i or --info

    Look up your favorite teams and see their league standing, league records, and team roster.

    $ owl-go team bostonuprising -i

    NOTE: Don't add spaces between team names!

    -m or --matches

    Look up your teams match history for the season.

    $ owl-go team bostonuprising -m
    -s or --schedule

    Look up your teams schedule for upcoming matches.

    $ owl-go team bostonuprising -s


    Follow your favorite Overwatch League Player!


    -i or --info

    Look up your favorite player and see their league stats;

    $ owl-go player dafran -i
    -c or --compare

    Compare the stats of two Overwatch League players.

    $ owl-go player dafran,geguri -c

    NOTE: Don't add spaces between player names!


    See this weeks Overwatch League standings here!

    $ owl-go standings

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