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OTR4-em - Off-the-Record Messaging [emscripten]

This module exposes a simple event emitting API which wraps around libotr4.1.0 compiled to javascript using the emscripten compiler.

You can install the module directly from npm registry:

npm install otr4-em

A short tutorial is available.

Latest API documentation can be found here

For version's older than v0.1.0 see documentation here

Example Use:

Related projects:

  • otr talk p2p chat (command line chat app)


The module is dual licensed: GPLv2 and LGPL You may choose the license that is more suitable for your application.

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Important Note: The package includes an optimised/minified precompiled libotr4.js to simplify npm package installation. You may rebuild libotr4.js from source if required. How-to build libotr4.js