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fun times with code.

ES6 => Babel ... ?

ES6 has many "cool" features; some of which are (potentially) useful. If you need an intro to these have a look at

The focus of this post, however, is Babel.

Tower of Babel:

Why do all babel tutorials install the module globally?

Browser Compatibility Chart:

Sending Email From Node.js

NodeMailer does a good job of sending email from your node.js script/app. The only drawback is that if your IP address gets blocked (because a handfull of people mark the email you send as "spam"), then you need to re-configure your settings. If you're sending thousands of emails and don't want to spend your life trawling through logs to figure out why they are getting blocked, opt to use an email service company. We opted to use Mandrill and produced a helper package: (which will help you get started quickly).


In my quest to find the perfect module to list all directories in a project, I tested:

Switching to QUnit Full Stack!

Which QUnit Node.js Module should we use...?

The official qunitjs module (maintained by the jquery foundation): works with istanbul. simply run: istanbul cover your-test-filename.js see: I'm a little worried that the 1.18 release has only 84% coverage ... it doesn't make any sense.