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Instead of dynamically writing AppleScript and then piping it into the binary, I decided to write a native module that uses CoreFoundation to display a dialog. Please open an issue if you have any feature requests or encounter any bugs!


var dialog = require('osx-dialog')
  title: 'A Title',
  msg: 'some message',
  timeout: 10,
  checkboxes: [
    'first box',
    'second box'
}, function (error, button, checkboxes) {
    // do stuff with the result.

dialog(options, [callback])

  • options (required) has the following keys
    • title (required) is the bolded portion of the dialog
    • message (required) is the text area portion of the dialog
    • timeout (optional) is the duration in seconds the dialog should be displayed before it is dismissed
    • checkboxes (optional) is an array of strings that will be displayed as checkboxes
  • callback (optional) has the signature callback(error, button, checkboxes)
    • error will be null or a string with the error message
    • button will be a boolean noting if it was dismissed by hitting the button (true) or dismissed by hitting escape (false)
    • checkboxes will be an array of booleans with the status of the checkboxes in the order that was given to dialog


  • Be able to set the buttons.
  • Be able to use radio types.