Aliyun OSS node.js SDK and Command-Line Tool

#OSS OSS is a node.js SDK and Command-Line Tool for Aliyun OSS

#Support API

  • service operation
  • bucket operation
  • object operation
  • multipart upload operation
  • object group operation

more api infomations you can see oss_api

npm install oss

all api functions have the same style as showed below

   var oss = require('oss');  
   var client = new oss({
       accessId : xxx,
       accessKey xxx: 
   var options = {
       bucket : "test"
       if(err) throw err;
       // operation result

you can configue the options object to make your oss request , it is really simple !!!

#Command Line
first you must configure the key.js file to add your access_id and access_key
then put oss/bin/ to your system PATH then you can use oss command line directly
type oss -h you can get the help infomation showed below

    Usage: oss [options]


-h, --help                       output usage information
-V, --version                    output the version number
-v, --version                    output the version number
-p, --putbucket                  create a new bucket
-l, --listbucket                 list buckets
-s, --setacl                     set bucket acl
-L, --listobject                 list objects
-g, --getacl                     get bucket acl
-d, --deletebucket               delete bucket
-P, --putobject                  simple put object to oss
-G, --getobject                  get object from oss to local dstFile
-C, --copyobject                 copy object in oss
-H, --headobject                 get object meta info
-D, --deleteobject               delete object in oss
-x, --deleteobjects              delete objects in oss
-m, --multiputobject             multipart upload object to oss
-S, --listmultiput               list multipart uploads
-n, --group                      post object group
-u, --uploaddir                  upload local dir files to a oss dir in a bucket
-U, --syncdir                    sync local dir files to a oss dir in a bucket
-c, --copyright                  show oss command line copyright
#Examples you can visit test file to get more examples

#Some Features

  • compress upload
    when put object you can set options gzip : true to use compress upload
  oss.put_object( {  bucket : "fni_te", object : "node-demos.tar.gz" , srcFile : "/home/fantasyni/node-demos.tar.gz" ,gzip : true},function(err,results){
        if(err) throw err;
  • upload_objects_by_dir
    you can upload local dir files to oss
    local dir path support relative path and absolute path of course
 oss.upload_objects_by_dir({ bucket:"fni_oss1", ossDir:"test3", local:"." },function(err,results){
  • sync_local_dir
    similar to upload_objects_by_dir the differene is the dir will also be created in oss
 oss.sync_local_dir({ bucket:"fni_oss1", ossDir:"test2", local:"." },function(err,results){