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Documentation generator for TypeScript projects.

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TypeDoc runs on Node.js and is available as an NPM package. You can install TypeDoc in your project's directory as usual:

$ npm install typedoc --save-dev

Like the TypeScript compiler, TypeDoc comes with a binary that can be called from anywhere if you install TypeDoc as a global module. The name of the executable is typedoc.

$ npm install typedoc --global
$ typedoc



TypeDoc accepts most of the command line arguments that the TypeScript compiler accepts. One major difference is the fact that one may pass an entire directory instead of individual files to the documentation generator. So in order to create a documentation for an entire project you simply type:

$ typedoc --out path/to/documentation/ path/to/typescript/project/

Important note

Starting with version 0.2, TypeDoc no longer can predict whether files should be treated as modules or whether the project should be compiled into one big namespace. You must specify the mode argument in order to change the behaviour of TypeDoc.


For a complete list of the command line arguments run typedoc --help or read here.

  • --out <path/to/documentation/>
    Specifies the location the documentation should be written to.
  • --mode <file|modules>
    Specifies the output mode the project is used to be compiled with.
  • --options
    Specify a js option file that should be loaded. If not specified TypeDoc will look for 'typedoc.js' in the current directory.
  • --json <path/to/output.json>
    Specifies the location and file name a json file describing the project is written to. When specified no documentation will be generated.
  • --ignoreCompilerErrors
    Should TypeDoc still generate documentation pages even after the compiler has returned errors?

Source file handling

  • --exclude <pattern>
    Exclude files by the given pattern when a path is provided as source. Supports standard minimatch patterns (see #170)
  • --includeDeclarations
    Turn on parsing of .d.ts declaration files.
  • --externalPattern <pattern>
    Define a pattern for files that should be considered being external.
  • --excludeExternals
    Prevent externally resolved TypeScript files from being documented.
  • --excludeNotExported
    Prevent symbols that are not exported from being documented.
  • --excludePrivate
    Prevent private members from being included in the generated documentation.
  • --excludeProtected
    Prevent protected members from being included in the generated documentation.

TypeScript compiler

  • --module <commonjs, amd, system or umd>
    Specify module code generation: "commonjs", "amd", "system" or "umd".
  • --target <ES3, ES5, or ES6>
    Specify ECMAScript target version: "ES3" (default), "ES5" or "ES6"
  • --tsconfig <path/to/tsconfig.json>
    Specify a typescript config file that should be loaded. If not specified TypeDoc will look for 'tsconfig.json' in the current directory.


  • --theme <default|minimal|path/to/theme>
    Specify the path to the theme that should be used.
  • --name <Documentation title>
    Set the name of the project that will be used in the header of the template.
  • --readme <path/to/readme|none>
    Path to the readme file that should be displayed on the index page. Pass none to disable the index page and start the documentation on the globals page.
  • --plugin
    Specify the npm plugins that should be loaded. Omit to load all installed plugins, set to 'none' to load no plugins.
  • --hideGenerator
    Do not print the TypeDoc link at the end of the page.
  • --gaID
    Set the Google Analytics tracking ID and activate tracking code.
  • --gaSite <site>
    Set the site name for Google Analytics. Defaults to auto
  • --entryPoint <fully.qualified.name>
    Specifies the fully qualified name of the root symbol. Defaults to global namespace.
  • --gitRevision <revision|branch>
    Use specified revision or branch instead of the last revision for linking to GitHub source files.


  • --includes <path/to/includes>
    Specifies the location to look for included documents. One may use [[include:FILENAME]] in comments to include documents from this location.

  • --media <path/to/media>
    Specifies the location with media files that should be copied to the output directory. In order to create a link to media files use the pattern media://FILENAME in comments.


  • --version
    Display the version number of TypeDoc.
  • --help
    Display all TypeDoc options.


There is a plugin available to run TypeDoc with Webpack created by Microsoft. You can find it on NPM:


There is a plugin available to run TypeDoc with Gulp created by Rogier Schouten. You can find it on NPM:


There is a plugin available to run TypeDoc with Grunt created by Bart van der Schoor. You can find it on NPM:


A list of all published Typedoc plugins can be found on NPM:

Advanced guides and docs

Visit our homepage for advanced guides and an extensive API documentation:


This project is maintained by a community of developers. Contributions are welcome and appreciated. You can find TypeDoc on GitHub; feel free to start an issue or create a pull requests:

For more information, read the contribution guide.


Copyright (c) 2015 Sebastian Lenz.
Copyright (c) 2016-2018 TypeDoc Contributors.
Licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

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