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Data Team Report

Reports editing activity for a number of users on OpenStreetMap.


For installing and running the Data Team Report, you need to:

  1. Install data server
  2. Configure users
  3. Load data
  4. Run data server
  5. Configure and serve web UI

System requirements:

  • Node 0.10.x
  • PostGreSQL

1. Set up data server

## Install data server
npm install

# Set up database
createdb dbstatistic
psql dbstatistic -f query/tables.sql

2. Configure users

Add each user whose OpenStreetMap edits you'd like to track to the osm_user table like so:

SELECT add_user(589596,'lxbarth','FFFF00',true);
  • 589596 : user id on OpenStreetMap
  • lxbarth : name of user
  • FFFF00: color of user for to show in line graph
  • true : state of user: if you don’t want to show one user on line graph , just update the user using state as false

Or use Mapbox data team users included in the project:

psql dbstatistic -f query/add_user.sql

3. Load data

You can start loading data starting with any replication file found in

For instance, to start loading with 2015-03-22 run:

node load/load.js --num_file=117 --num_directory=22 --user=<dbuser> --password=<dbpassword> --database=dbstatistic

Or to start loading with 2016-01-26 run:

node load/load.js --num_file=551 --num_directory=29 --user=<dbuser> --password=<dbpassword> --database=dbstatistic

4. Run data server

node server/server.js --user=<dbuser> --password=<dbpassword> --database=dbstatistic

This will run the server at port 3021. Use forever to run as a daemon.

5. Configure and serve web UI

Copy settings-example.js to settings.js and enter the host information under which you started the data server.

For instance run serve from project root: