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convert to and from osm and geojson files

  • Converts OSM XML to GeoJSON
  • Also converts the inverse, GeoJSON to OSM XML
  • This is a fork of OSM2GEO by tecoholic with some improvements
    • vanilla JS, no dependencies
    • multipolygon support
    • browser or nodejs
  • warning: When converting GeoJSON to OSM XML only points, polygons, and multipolygons (standalone or in feature collections) are supported right now
  • for the browser
    • <script src='osm_geojson.js'></script>
  • for nodejs
    • npm install osm-and-geojson

OSM & GeoJSON was written in the Orange Public Library. Always upstairs, the window seats are awesome but really tough to get. More often than not I'd get stuck with one of the middle tables where foot traffic was a bit much and outlets are hard to come by.