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    Open Source Licenses

    Quickly and easily license your projects with licenses from the Open Source Initiative.

    This project is not directly affiliated with Open Source Initiative; it consumes data from the public API and license repository. See the following for more information:


    Global CLI

    # Global CLI
    npm install --global oslicense
    # Module
    npm install oslicense

    Usage (CLI)

    oslicense [<args>] [<license-id>]

    Automatically generates a license file ('LICENSE.md') or outputs license text for a given OSI license ID. If a package.json file with a license property is present, that license ID will be used. package.json lookup will start with the current working directory, checking all parent directories until a package.json file is found.

    The <license-id> argument (case-sensitive) must match one of the license IDs returned using the --list flag.

    The generated license file may have placeholders for license holder names, dates, etc. that will need to be replaced manually.

    CLI Arguments

    -h, --help

    Shows CLI help text.

    -v, --version

    Shows the package version number.

    -l, --list

    Lists all available OSI licenses and license IDs.

        License 01 Name
        License 02 Name

    -o, --output <path>

    Specifies an alternate output file name and/or directory for the generated license file. Relative paths are relative to the current working directory.

    If <path> is a directory, then the license file will be created with the default file name in the directory.

    -s, --stdout

    Prints license text to stdout instead of generating a license file. If specified, the --output flag will be ignored.

    Usage (Module)

    const osl = require("oslicense");
    (async () => {
        try {
            // Get object containing all available OSI licenses, keyed by license ID
            console.log(await osl.getLicenses());
            // Get license metadata for a specific license ID
            console.log(await osl.getLicenseData("MIT"));
            // Get license text for a specific license ID or license object from
            // getLicenseData()
            console.log(await osl.getLicenseText("MIT"));
            // Gets the 'license' property value from the nearest package.json file
            // relative to the current working directory
        catch (e) {

    For more detailed usage information, refer to the documentation in oslicense.js


    npm i oslicense

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