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Open Smart Environment - Raspberry Pi

This package contains entry kinds for integrating hardware from the Raspberry Pi Foundation into OSE.

See Raspberry Pi example.

Important links

This package is a part of the OSE suite. For more information, see the following links:

About OSE

Open Smart Environment software is a suite for creating multi-instance applications that work as a single whole.
Imagine, for example, a personal mesh running on various devices including HTPCs, phones, tablets, workstations, servers, Raspberry Pis, home automation gadgets, wearables, drones, etc.

OSE software consists of several npm packages: a framework running on Node.js, an HTML5 frontend, extending packages and a set of example applications.

Set-up of current example applications. Here, OSE provides a Media player running on an HTPC that can be controlled by an IR remote through LIRC and is capable of playing streams from a DVB streamer and control devices through GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi

For more information about OSE see the documentation.


  • Pre-alpha stage (insecure and buggy)
  • Unstable API
  • Patchy documentation
  • Low test coverage (1 %)

This is not yet a piece of download-and-use software. It is important to understand the basic principles covered by the documentation.

However, this software is successfully and continuously used since end of 2013 in one installation running 7 OSE instances spread over several Raspberries, HTPC and notebook.


OSE has the following prerequisites:

  • Node.js (>0.12) running on Debian Jessie and Raspbian
  • Recent version of Firefox or Chrome browser


This software is released under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence v3.0 or later.