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oscscheduler works by reading a schedule file written in json. This file specifies a start time and end time for the show which will be run each day.

The show itself is a series of osc actions that will be run in a loop until then end time.


var ShowScheduler = require("oscscheduler");
//Load Show File 
var show = require("./show.json");  // The Show File to Load - More details below 
//set up show 
var thisSchedule = new ShowScheduler(show);
thisSchedule.on("beforeStart", function(){
  //If there are things that need be done before the show starts 
thisSchedule.on("afterEnd", function(){
var currentTime = new Date();
currentTime.setHours(19, 59, 55, 0)
//Schedule the show to start - Optionally pass the current time for testing purposes 
//This line schedules the show to start 

`Format for Show File' - Comments are Not Allowed in Real JSON File show.json

    "servers" : { //One or more Servers
        "Server1" : {
            "Host" : "",
            "Port" : 9876
    "startTime": "20:00", //Time to start the show
    "endTime": "20:01", //Time to end the show
    "schedule" : [ // The groups of commands to run when they have finished they will just loop
        {"duration": 10, "commands": [ //duration is how long you want the effect to last till the next one
            {"server": "Server1", "action": "/CURRENT_VISUAL", "parameters": [{"i":0}] }, //Parameters is an array of typed parameters example [{"i":1}, {"s":"some string"}]
            {"server": "Server1", "action": "/CHANGE_GENERATOR_A", "parameters": [{"i":4}]},
            {"server": "Server1", "action": "/CHANGE_ALL_OUTPUT_VISUAL", "parameters": [{"i":0}]}
        {"duration": 20, "commands": [
            {"server": "Server1", "action": "/CURRENT_VISUAL", "parameters": [{"i":1}]},
            {"server": "Server1", "action": "/CHANGE_GENERATOR_A", "parameters": [{"i":2}]},
            {"server": "Server1", "action": "/CHANGE_ALL_OUTPUT_VISUAL", "parameters": [{"i":1}]}
    "onShowEnd" : {"commands":[ //This runs at the end Time to clean up the show
        {"server": "Server1", "action": "/CURRENT_VISUAL", "parameters": [{"i":0}]},
        {"server": "Server1", "action": "/CHANGE_GENERATOR_A", "parameters": [{"i":0}]},
        {"server": "Server1", "action": "/CURRENT_COLORSET", "parameters": [{"i":1}]},
        {"server": "Server1", "action": "/CHANGE_ALL_OUTPUT_VISUAL", "parameters": [{"i":0}]}