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Orvibo Socket CLI


A node.js module to control an Orvibo Socket from the command line.


To install the library globally use

npm install -g orvibo-socket-cli

Controlling from Command line

Note: You must know the ip address and mac of your socket. I suggest you set a static ip assignment on your router.

  • orvibo-socket-cli -i <ip> -m <mac> status Check Status of Socket
  • orvibo-socket-cli -i <ip> -m <mac> off Turn off socket
  • orvibo-socket-cli -i <ip> -m <mac> on Turn on socket
  • orvibo-socket-cli -i <ip> -m <mac> toggle Toggle the socket

Controlling OctoPrint

To use the above library in OctoPrint, make sure you install it globally as above. Then add the following to the ~/octoprint/config.yaml

  - action: printer on
    command: orvibo-cli --uuid SOCKET_MAC_ADDRESS_HERE --action on
    name: Turn on the printer
  - action: printer off
    command: orvibo-cli --uuid SOCKET_MAC_ADDRESS_HERE --action off
    confirm: You are about to turn off the printer.
    name: Turn off the printer

That's all there is to it :-)