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    Ornamentum data table is a lightweight, feature rich, highly configurable, UI framework agnostic, fully responsive, reactive Angular data table with no external dependencies.

    Check out demos & docs for more information!

    📖 Table of Contents

    💡 Features

    Client data bind Client-side data binding support
    Server data bind Server-side data binding support
    Real time data bind Realtime data source support with observables
    Sorting Single and Multi column sorting
    Filtering Single and Multi value filtering
    Layouting Custom Layout templating support
    Persistence Data table state persistence with session or local storage modes
    Paging Client and Server-side pagination
    Selection Single, Multi and Single toggle row selection modes
    Theming UI Theme support
    Detail row Detail row expand support
    Resizing Experimental column resizing
    Grouping Experimental row grouping support
    Global configuration Global Configuration overriding capability
    Translation Translation support and much more

    ⚡️ Peer Dependencies

    🚀 Installation

    Install the Ornamentum node module using either of following command depending on your package manager.

    npm install ornamentum --save


    yarn add ornamentum

    Ornamentum major versions are aligned with Angular Major versions hence, You can ony use Ornamentum 8.x.x versions with Angular 8.x.x version.

    🌴 Contributors

    Yohan Gomez

    💻 💬 📖 🎨 💡 🤔 🚇 👀

    Lahiru Jayamanna

    💻 💬 📖 🎨 💡 🤔 👀

    Samuditha Wadigamangawa

    💻 💬 📖 🎨 💡 🤔 👀

    Aravinda Rathnayake

    💬 📖 💡 🤔 👀 🐛

    This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind are welcome!

    🌱 How to Contribute

    Setup project in local development environment

    # clone project 
    git clone && cd $_
    # install dependencies 
    npm install
    # start the app 
    npm run start

    You can read more about Ornamentum build tasks here and refer Contribution Guide for more details.

    ⚠️ Changelog

    Recent changes can be viewed on

    ©️ License

    Ornamentum was license under MIT. Please refer LICENSE for more information.


    npm i ornamentum

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