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    OriginStamp TypeScript Angular Client

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    A TypeScript Angular implementation of the OriginStamp API. For endpoint documentation see OriginStamp Documentation.

    Ensure to have TypeScript installed before and the peer dependencies.

    Integrate OriginStamp

    In your Angular project:

    import { ApiModule } from 'originstamp-client-angular';
        imports: [ ApiModule ],
        declarations: [ AppComponent ],
        providers: [],
        bootstrap: [ AppComponent ]
    export class AppModule {}

    In your component:

    import { TimestampService } from 'originstamp-client-angular';
    export class AppComponent {
         constructor(private timestampService: TimestampService) { }

    Available APIs: SchedulerService, TimestampService, ProofService, WebhookService

    For more information about the models please refer to the Java client.

    Note: The ApiModule is restricted to being instantiated once app wide. This is to ensure that all services are treated as singletons.

    Angular Ivy & AOT

    If your project uses the Angular Ivy compiler in combination with AOT (Ahead-Of-Time), disable AOT in the angular.json file by setting "aot": false in the build options to avoid compilation and build issues.


    npm i originstamp-client-angular

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