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incoming | BundleCode

  • code - String

    path (will be prefixed with root value if provided) to the main entry point to be used for creating a bundle

  • root - String

    optional path which will be used to prefix code main entry path

Response Chemical Structure

  • data - String

    compiled bundle contents

organel | BundleCode

Basic Organelle which wraps browserify v2.x.x

  • cwd - Object

    optional object containing key:values, where values will be prefixed with process.cwd() and placed within config itself with coresponding keys

    Useful to provide root value relative to current working directory

  • root - String

    optional, represents the root value to be added in forming bundle code entry point.

  • useCache - false

    Will bundle given entry points and all its dependencies only once and cache them in memory.

  • uglify - false

    Will uglify and compress the bundle using uglify-js

  • code - String

    optional, represents the default bundle entry points to be used if missing in incoming chemicals

  • plugins - [ PluginObject ]

    #### Plugin Object

    • String - full path to Plugin source code or

           source: full path to Plugin source code
           ... `config` of Plugin

      #### plugin source code example

      module.exports = function(`client`, `config`){
        var through = client.through; // through module
        var bundle = client.bundle; // bundle instance

      see ([transforms]