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A tool to help manage organization-wide GitHub issue labels.


$ npm install -g org-labels


$ org-labels <command>

Requires io.js 1.1.0+ — you can use a node version manager such as nvm to switch node versions easily.

GitHub Security

org-labels uses ghuath for GitHub authentication. The version is fixed, and I have done a rough review of its code.


  • add <org> <label> <color> - adds a label to all repos.
  • remove <org> <label> - removes a label from all repos.
  • update <org> <label> <color> - updates an existing label for all repos.
  • rename <org> <label> <new> - renames an existing label for all repos.
  • standardize <org> <repo> - reads a config/github_labels.json file from a repo and adds / updates labels on all repos.

color must be a hexadecimal color code without the preceding #.

Both <org> and <repo> may optionally be formatted as <org/repo>.


  • -d --destructive - When enabled, allows standardize to remove labels not found in the config file.


The following would add a docs issue label with the color d4c5f9 to every repo in repo-utils.

$ org-labels add repo-utils docs d4c5f9

The following would standardize labels in all repo-utils repos using the jshttp labels config.

$ org-labels standardize repo-utils jshttp/style-guide

MIT Licensed