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    A simple configuration management tool.


    npm install --save orchestra-config

    Supported Platforms

    • Created for Ubuntu Linux
    • Tested on Ubuntu 14.04


    • Clone or download this repository onto your Ubuntu machine.
    • Bootstrap your machine to get things ready:
      • Run sudo chmod 0755 boostrap.sh in the project directory.
      • Execute this file: ./bootstrap.sh.
    • Create an arrangement!


    Package Manager

    Manages debian packages


    Installs a single debian package, passed in as a string parameter.

    • Invocation:
      // Installs debian package htop


    Removes a single debian package, passed in as a string parameter.

    • Invocation:

      // Removes debian package htop

    File Manager

    • Writes content to files, appends contents to files, & removes files.
    • Writes metadata to files, including permissions, user, and group.

    orchestra.writeFileContents(filepath, contents);

    • Creates a file filepath and writes contents to filepath if it does not yet exist.
    • If the contents of filepath do not match the contents specified in the arrangement, the contents of filepath are adjusted to match what is specified in the arrangement.
    • Invocation:
    // Writes contents 'Hello World!' to filepath `/${process.env.HOME}/hello.txt`
    orchestra.writeFileContents(`/${process.env.HOME}/hello.txt`, 'Hello, World!');

    orchestra.appendFileContentst(filepath, contents);

    Appends contents to the end of file filepath if filepath does not already contain contents.

    • Invocation:
    // Appends `contents` ' localhost' to `filepath` `/etc/hosts`
    orchestra.appendFileContents(' localhost', '/etc/hosts');


    Removes a file if it exists.

    • Invocation:
    // Removes `/${process.env.HOME}/hello.txt`

    writeFilePermissions(filepath, mode);

    Adjusts access permissions mode on a filepath.

    • Invocation:
    // Sets access permissions `/${process.env.HOME}/hello.txt` to `0755`.
    orchestra.writeFileOwner(`/${process.env.HOME}/hello.txt`, 0755);

    writeFileOwner(filepath, uid, gid);

    Adjusts user uid and groud guid for a given file filepath.

    // Sets user to root (`0`) to and group to root (`0`) for `/${process.env.HOME}/hello.txt`.
    orchestra.writeFilePermissions(`/${process.env.HOME}/hello.txt`, 0, 0);

    Daemon Manager

    • Restarts a service when relevant files and packages have changed.
    • Checks if a file has changed.
    • Caches a file's modify time.
    • Caches the version of a daemon.

    orchestra.restartDaemon(daemon, files = []);

    • Restarts a daemon if the daemon package version has changed.
    • Restarts a daemon if a relevant file in array files has changed.


    // Restarts daemon `nginx` if relevant conf files:
    // '/etc/nginx/nginx.conf' & '/etc/nginx/nginx.conf' have changed.
    // Restarts daemon `nginx` if the package version
    // for daemon `nginx` has changed.
    orchestra.restartDaemon(`nginx`, ['/etc/nginx/nginx.conf', '/etc/nginx/nginx.conf']);


    This configuration manager only runs when it is executed on the command line.

    Run an arrangement

    • Execute an arrangement with node on the command line.
    sudo node hello-php-arrangement.js

    How to create an arrangement (configuration file)

    Create an arrangement file with require('orchestra-config'); It should include orchestra at the top.

    How to configure an arrangement

    • An sample arrangement included in this repository is hello-php-arrangement.js.

    Manage packages first.

    Configure files you need.

    Finally, add the restartDaemon() function at the end.

    This allows your service to restart when files relevant to it change.

    Set variables as strings as contents for files you need orchestra to write.

    • Example:
    var php = `<?php
      header("Content-Type: text/plain");
      echo "Hello, world!\n"; ?>`;


    • Allow templating for writing file contents
    • Allow file manager to get file contents outside of the arrangement.


    npm i orchestra-config

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