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NodeJS Tool for scheduling and converting crontab entries to HPE's Operations Orchestration


operations-orchestration-crontab is a handy console command line utility which allows to easily read and parse a linux crontab file and created scheduled flows to a remote installed deployment of HPE's Operations Orchestration application in order to quickly convert existing crontab entries to OO product.


Install the tool easily with npm, after which the tool will be available in your command line prompt to run.

npm install operations-orchestration-crontab


Once installed, this tool provides a shell command that can be executed to to perform an import of Linux CRONTAB file into an Operations Orchestration server by implementing OO's Scheduled Flows API.

Command line options:

Param Type Description
-u or --username string Username for Operations Orchestration that is allowed to query the API
-p or --password string Password for the Username provided
--url string The URL where Operations Orchestration API is available. Example: http://localhost:8050
--remotehost string The remote host to connect to via SSH and execute the cron commands
--remoteport string The remote port to connect to via SSH
--remoteuser string The remote username to connect to via SSH
--remotepass string The remote password to connect to via SSH
--crontab string Crontab file name to read and parse for creating OO scheduled flows
--log string A filename for log output of all crontab entries processed and sent to OO scheduling


Running on Windows from the downloaded package

You must provide as an input a crontab file of CRON entries to process. If on Windows, and you're using the official package hosted on HPE Live Network then just unzip it and run it as follows:

node.exe index.js -u admin -p admin --url http://localhost:8050 --remotehost mylinux.server.com --remoteport 22 --remoteuser root --remotepass root --crontab /tmp/crontab.txt
  • Windows users can also get a pre-built package with the node.exe executable and all dependent modules already installed by downloading this content package from the official HPE Live Network page


Liran Tal liran.tal@gmail.com

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