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Openshift Config Loader

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Node.js based client for loading an Openshift config file.

Defaults to the ~/.kube/config file

Example Usage

Install the dependecy

npm install openshift-config-loader


'use strict';

const openshiftConfigLoader = require('openshift-config-loader');

openshiftConfigLoader().then((config) => {

How It Works

First, the config loader will look, by default, a file named ~/.kube/config . If it can't find it, then the config loader will try loading the config as a service account.

You can turn off the service account lookup by either passing an options object with the property options.tryServiceAccount equal to false or set an environment variable named KUBERNETES_AUTH_TRYSERVICEACCOUNT equal to false

For Example:

const options = {
  tryServiceAccount: false

openshiftConfigLoader(options).then((config) => {