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    OpenFin Service Tooling


    Extracts out common build and server components which can be shared across different service development environments.


    • None.


    • Common build utils
    • Common server and demo launching utils


    • svc-tools start [...options]

      Starts the build and serves the project.

      • Options:
        • -v, --providerVersion : Sets the version of the provider to use. Defaults to "local". Options: local | staging | stable | w.x.y.z'.
        • -m, --mode : Sets the webpack mode. Defaults to "development". Options: development | production | none'
        • -n, --noDemo: Runs the server but will not launch the demo application.
        • -s, --static: Launches the server and application using pre-built files.
        • -w, --write: Writes and serves the built files from disk.
    • svc-tools build [...options]

      Invokes webpack to build the project.

      • Options:
        • -m, --mode : Sets the webpack mode. Defaults to "production".
    • svc-tools zip

      Zips the project.

    • svc-tools asar

      Creates and signs asar of the project.

    • Exports

      These are exported by the project and can be used by importing the package.

      • webpack
        • createConfig: Creates a webpack configuration
        • versionPlugin: Replaces 'PACKAGE_VERSION' constant in source files with the current version of the service
        • manifestPlugin: Provider temporarily requires an extra plugin to override index.html within provider app.json


    This is a WIP as services continue to evolve.


    An in-depth usage guide and additional documentation will be published in due course.

    Getting Started

    Install as a node module to your existing service project.


    • After installing, add a script to your projects package.json with the command: svc-tools start
    • In your webpack.config.js, import openfin-service-tooling - this will expose the common webpack utils to create configurations and export.

    You can then invoke svc-tools start added previously to build and serve your project.


    Once dependencies are installed and imported, you can invoke svc-tools start to build and serve your project.

    Known Issues

    A list of known issues will be here.


    This project uses the Apache2 license

    However, if you run this code, it may call on the OpenFin RVM or OpenFin Runtime, which are covered by OpenFin's Developer, Community, and Enterprise licenses. You can learn more about OpenFin licensing at the links listed below or just email us at with questions.


    This is an open source project and all are encouraged to contribute. Please enter an issue in the repo for any questions or problems. Alternatively, please contact us at




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