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Expose opencv to the node environment.


- cv::Point, cv::Size, cv::Rect, etc replaced by object notation:
	Point -> {x: 0, y:0}, Size -> {width: 33, height: 33}

- Checks the types of parameters as well as ranges of values on each native call (harder to crash app from script)
- Friendly exception messages on invalid parameters 


See scripts/ for a full demo.

Installation - MacOS X

$ brew install opencv --build32
$ npm install -g opencv-node
$ coffee scripts/tests

(tested with GCC 4.2.1 and node 0.8.0)

Installation - Windows

  1. Download OpenCV from

  2. Extract it to a folder, eg C:\OpenCV

  3. Open a Visual Studio command prompt and type

     set OPENCV_ROOT=C:/OpenCV
     npm install -g opencv-node

(tested with Visual Studio 2010 and node 0.8.8)

API Differences

Some functions have a more js-friendly API/syntax. The void functions which return their output in an argument passed by reference, return the result directly:

cv::split returns an Array and takes only 1 argument
cv::HoughCircles returns an Array
cv::HoughLines returns an Array
cv::cornerSubPix returns an Array

* others?




Please report any bugs or missing functions. This module has never been used in production and is generally meant to be used for experimentation.