openbadges validation tools

OpenBadges Validator Tools


$ npm install openbadges-validator


Validate a badge assertion and return an object containing info about the validated assertion.

The callback is passed two arguments, (err, info).

info is an object containing the following properties:

  • version: Version of the specification that the analyzed assertion corresponds to. Currently this will be either "1.0.0" or "0.5.0".
  • signature: JSON Web Signature representation of the assertion. This will only be present if the assertion came in as a JWS.
  • assertion: The assertion data
  • badge: Badge data related to assertion.
  • issuer: Issuer data related to badge.
  • resources: Object with all of the resources related to the assertion, badge and issuer. A list of the possible properties follows (properties marked with a star are guaranteed to exist. NOTE, property names are the literal dotted strings, not deep property lookups, i.e, resources['assertion.image'].
    • assertion.image
    • assertion.verify.url
    • assertion.evidence
    • badge.criteria
    • badge.image
    • issuer.url
    • issuer.image
    • issuer.revocationList


MPL 2.0