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OpenBadges Validator Tools Build Status


$ npm install openbadges-validator


The following documentation assumes the module has been imported like so:

var validator = require('openbadges-validator');

validator(input, callback, version, verificationType)

Validate a badge assertion and return an object containing info about the validated assertion.

  • input (object or string) should be an assertion object, json string representing an assertion object,URL for a hosted assertion, or a signed badge signature.

  • callback (function) A function taking two parameters (err, data), where err == null indicates a valid badge, and data is an object containing all validation data collected before an error was thrown.

    Take a look at the structure of the full resulting data object.

  • version (string) Optional: force the validator to check against a certain specification version.
    Allowed values: "0.5.0", "1.0.0" `"1.1.0".

  • verificationType (string) Optional: force the validator to use a certain type of verification.
    Allowed values: "hosted", "signed".

validator.getAssertionGUID(urlOrSignature, callback)

Given either a hosted assertion URL or a signed assertion, return an alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies the badge.

The callback is passed two arguments, (err, guid).

If the assertion is hosted, guid will be the SHA256 hash of the following string:

hosted: assertion URL

If the assertion is signed, guid will be the SHA256 hash of the following string:

signed: assertion UID : origin of assertion's public key

For example, if the signed assertion's public key is hosted at and the assertion's UID is abcd, then the assertion's GUID will be the hex-encoded SHA256 hash of signed:abcd:, or 61ae9c039ecc7d08cac6fea3ed6fa3d47463b34e3f2f3bbe86be33688b2f105a.

validator.doesRecipientMatch(info, identity)

Returns a boolean indicating whether or not an assertion has been issued to a particular recipient.

info is an object containing properties about the assertion, as returned by the validator function.

identity is an email address. (In the future, identities other than email addresses may be supported.)


  • assertion (object)

Returns one of "1.1.0", "1.0.0", "0.5.0", or false if no version recognized.


Returns true if the signature can be decoded and looks like a badge.


By default, this only runs local tests:

npm test

To run all tests (including those that require an internet connection), use:

node node_modules/tap/bin/tap test/*

A code coverage report can be generated with node_modules/.bin/jake test-cov (or jake test-cov if you have jake installed globally) and viewed in cover_html/index.html.

The coverage tool used is node-cover, see its documentation for details.


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