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OpenAPI Validation Middleware

Express middleware for validating Swagger and OpenAPI specifications

* only Swagger 2.0 is currently supported


npm install --save openapi-validation-middleware


  • create(Object schema) Create a Validator instance for a specified schema. Used internally, but available to those that desire to create their own middleware.
    • schema = Object A fully qualified and valid OpenAPI/Swagger schema
  • errorMiddleware(Error err, Request req, Response res, Function next) Drop-in middleware for handling input errors created by the validation middleware
  • middleware(Object options)
    • options
      • schema = A fully qualified and valid OpenAPI/Swagger schema
      • response = ResponseCallback|Boolean If a ResponseCallback is passed, the function is called and returns a falsey result, the response is handled and any errors are returned with a status of 500. If the function returns a truthy value, the function is expected to have handled the response as desired and no further action is taken. If a truthy Boolean is passed, the response is handled as if the ResponseCallback returned falsey.
      • request = RequestErrorHandler Optionally overrides normal error handling

Data types

  • function MiddlewareFunction(Request req, Response res, Function next)

  • function ResponseCallback(ValidationErrors error, Response res, Object options)

  • function RequestErrorHandler(ValidationErrors error, Response res, Function next)

  • class ValidationErrors

    • request = Object references the request passed to the middleware
    • path = String the original OpenAPI/Swagger path name. ex: /special/{path}
    • operation = Object the Path object from the schema
    • errors = Array containing one or more ValidationError objects
  • class ValidationError

    • code/name = String the code used to create the error message
    • value = Mixed the value that failed validation
    • info = Object data about the validation
    • message = String the message created based on the code, info, and value
  • class Validator

    • public MiddlewareFunction getRequestValidator(Request req, ResponseCallback|Boolean validateResponse)


const express = require('express');
const { middleware, errorMiddleware } = require('openapi-validation-middleware');
const options = {
  schema: require('./test/fixtures/swagger.json'),
  response(error, res, { code, data, headers, body, encoding, operation }) {
    // if you only log errors in development, instead of failing the request
    // or on a particular route
    if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development' || operation.path === '/special/{path}') {
      if (error) console.error(error);
      return true;
    if (error) {
      // special error logging
      return true;
  request(error, res, next) {
    if (error.path === '/special/{path}') {
      // special handling
const app = express();
const server = app.listen(8194);