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Open Graph for Node.js

An Open Graph implementation for Node.js. Simple to use; give it a URL and it'll give you the open graph meta properties scraped from that URL.


npm install open-graph


var og = require('open-graph');
var url = "";
og(url, function(err, meta){


  title: 'OG Testing',
  type: 'website',
  url: '',
  site_name: 'irrelavent',
  description: 'This is a test bed for Open Graph protocol.',
   	 url: '',
     width: '100',
     height: '100'


  1. Better parser
    Meta data should be parsed into pure JSON and arrays should be handled at root nodes, not leaf nodes
  2. Better data types
    Convert properties to numbers, etc.
  3. Fallback data
    If Open Graph data isn't present, scrap img elements and document titles off the page.