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Open Exchange Rates npm/nodeJS module

nodeJS/npm wrapper for the Open Exchange Rates API service. Loads up-to-date or historical currency/exchange rate data from the API, for seamless server-side integration.

Requires a free or paid App ID to connect to the service, available here.


$ npm install open-exchange-rates

To install, type npm install open-exchange-rates in the terminal.

Requires: http-agent

Example Usage:

See the example.js script in this repository for a basic, working example.

Load the module:

var oxr = require('open-exchange-rates');

Load the latest rates from

var oxr = require('open-exchange-rates');
oxr.set({ app_id: 'YOUR_APP_ID' })

oxr.latest(function() {
	// You can now use `oxr.rates`, `oxr.base` and `oxr.timestamp`

Get historical rates ("YYYY-MM-DD"):

var oxr = require('open-exchange-rates');
oxr.set({ app_id: 'YOUR_APP_ID' })

oxr.historical('2001-02-03', function() {
	// You can now use `oxr.rates`, `oxr.base` and `oxr.timestamp`

Currency conversion with money.js (fx) module:

money.js (npm install money) is a tiny JavaScript currency-conversion library for web and nodeJS.

var oxr = require('open-exchange-rates'),
	fx = require('money');

oxr.set({ app_id: 'YOUR_APP_ID' })

oxr.latest(function() {
	// Apply exchange rates and base rate to `fx` library object:
	fx.rates = oxr.rates;
	fx.base = oxr.base;
	// money.js is ready to use:
	fx(100).from('HKD').to('GBP'); // ~8.0424

Advanced API Features:

Advanced API features (such as Time Series requests and real-time value conversion) will be added to this module in future.

More Info

For more information, documentation, examples and showcase, check out the Open Exchange Rates homepage


  • Support HTTPS connections
  • Support advanced API queries/features
  • Support Time Series data requests
  • Support Date objects for historical queries



  • Now maintained by
  • Tidied up library, readme and example


  • Updated to work with Open Exchange Rates App IDs
  • Renamed to 'open-exchange-rates'

0.1 - first version


npm i open-exchange-rates

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