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An api framework that forces versioning, simplifies data validation, and automates documentation.

Open API

An API server that forces versioning, simplifies deprecation, and automates documentation and data validation.


var v1 = api.version({
    envs:["list", "of", "envs", "this", "is", "active", "for"]
var v2 = api.version({

Data Validation

    "desc for docs",
        return value=="is valid";
    "data-validator-with file stream",
    fs.createReadStream("path/to/", {encoding:"utf8"}),
        return value=="is valid";

Route Creation and Deprecation

var opts = {
    validate: {
        request: "data-validator-name",
        response: "data-validator-name"
    desc: "Some explanation for the docs"
v1.get("route-path", opts, function(req, res){
v2.get("route-path", {discontinued:true});

Middleware run before a versions routes

ver.use(function(req, res, next){

Middleware run before version detection

api.before(function(req, res, next){
    req.user = "Robert Frost";
## Example App.js

var openApi = require("../../"); var api = openApi();

//create a version of your api var v1 = api.version({ name: "v1", envs: ["development", "staging", "production"] });

//add an endpoint v1.get("foo", { validate: { request: "empty", response: "object" }, desc: "Returns the message foo" }, function(req, res) { res.json({"message":"foo"}); });

//create another version var v2 = api.version({ name: "v2", envs: ["development", "staging"] });

//add another endpoint v2.get("bar", { validate: { request: "empty", response: "object" }, desc: "Returns the message bar" }, function(req, res) { res.json({"message":"bar"}); });

//create a thrid version! var v3 = api.version({ name: "v3", envs: ["development"] });

//remove an endpoint v3.get("foo", {discontinued:true});

var http = require("http"); http.createServer(api).listen(3000);

## Baked In Middleware
### Tracking

var openApi = require("open-api"); var api = openApi(); api.before(openApi.middleware.tracking(function(req, res){ console.log("REQUEST TO TRACK", req.trackId); }, function(req, res){ console.log("REPONSE TO TRACK", req.trackId); }, function(req){ //to track or not to track //return ture or false return req.url.match(/^/$|^/docs/) == null; //default }));