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A port of OOPS.js for node. Enables a very simple structure for Object Oriented Programming.

OOPS.js (For Node.js)#

(For the original library and complete usage instructions, please see:

This library is a Node.js port of OOPS.js.

npm install oopsjs

And that's it! You can then start using it by simply requiring the oopsjs package:

var OOPS = require('oopsjs');

You will then have access to the library through the variable OOPS. See below for a quick example:

//Define a class
var AwesomeClass = OOPS.extend({
    _constructor_: function() {
        console.log('An awesome class has been created!');
//Create an instance of your class
var myAwesomeClass = new AwesomeClass();

For full instructions, see the original OOPS.js.

This library also works great with ImportJS for Node!


  • Readme update (Node.js)


  • Minor syntax change


  • Greatly simplified the setup structure by using standard JS practices
  • Replaced parent property with super

(99% backwards compatible with 1.0.0)


  • Initial release

Copyrighted © 2013 by Greg McLeod