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    Onepipe - Api

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    OnePipe v1 - Documentation

    This suite of APIs provides access to an array of payment-related services like card charging, airtime, bill payment, instant loans and KYC lookup services. Some of these services come from multiple providers like Interswitch, Flutterwave and Paystack, but OnePipe wraps around them an abstraction layer with one major goal: To provide a consistent interface to integrators regardless of underlying service provider. That way, you can switch between providers at any time, based on quality of service, business justification, etc. without starting a new integration project or changing your systems in any way.

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    Fast try

    Click the run in postman button to import the collection. Base url: Try the various endpoints against the mock server

    Actual transactions

    Send an email to integration @ We would contact you with a neatly prepped postman collection and instructions to follow Then grant you temporary access to a public sandbox The principles behind OnePipe Ability to add multiple providers for the same service A standard unified API interface encapsulating all feature set available across providers Ability to setup as many apps as possible and determine which provider should fulfill the service for each app. Planned: Rules based provider selection.


    This library follows Semantic Versioning.

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    Contributions welcome! See the Contributing Guide.




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