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A date/time picker for react (using bootstrap). This is a react port of:


Getting Started

  1. Install the module with: npm install --save react-bootstrap-daterangepicker

  2. Create your module (you need to use something like browserify to build)

var React = require('react');
var moment = require('moment');
var DateRangePicker = require('react-bootstrap-daterangepicker');
var someReactComponent = React.createClass({
    render: function () {
        return (
            <DateRangePicker startDate={moment('1/1/2014')} endDate={moment('3/1/2014')}>
                <div>Click Me To Open Picker!</div>
  1. Include the daterangepicker CSS in your project somewhere. The CSS file is here: daterangepicker.css (don't hotlink- download and host your own copy)
<link rel="stylesheet" href="daterangepicker.css" type="text/css" />


For in depth documentation, see the original bootstrap-daterangepicker project page.

You can pass all the same props as the original plugin:

  • <input>, applyClass, autoApply, autoUpdateInput, buttonClasses, cancelClass, dateLimit, drops, endDate, isInvalidDate, linkedCalendars, locale, maxDate, minDate, opens, parentEl, ranges, showDropdowns, showWeekNumbers, singleDatePicker, startDate, template, timePicker, timePicker24Hour, timePickerIncrement, timePickerSeconds, timeZone

You can listen to the following 7 events:

  • onShow: thrown when the widget is shown
  • onHide: thrown when the widget is hidden
  • onShowCalendar: thrown when the calendar is shown
  • onHideCalendar: thrown when the calendar is hidden
  • onApply: thrown when the apply button is clicked
  • onCancel: thrown when the cancel button is clicked
  • onEvent: thrown when any of the 4 events above are triggered

All 7 of the events above should take a handler that is passed 2 arguments: event and picker

Example event handler:

var someReactComponent = React.createClass({
    handleEvent: function (event, picker) {
    render: function () {
        return (
            <DateRangePicker onEvent={this.handleEvent} />

Release Notes

Release notes can be found in the Changelog.

We will try to release a new version of this project with each new React release. We will bump the major version with each React release. If you are using a specific version of react or react-bootstrap, make sure you specify the correct version of react-bootstrap-daterangepicker in your package.json file.



Copyright (c) 2014 skratchdot
Uses the original bootstrap-daterangepicker license.


npm i onefe-react-bootstrap-daterangepicker

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