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on-core provides common node.js libraries for applications in the RackHD project.

Copyright 2015, EMC, Inc.



The tests included with this project are a combination of strictly unit and some functional tests, so to run to completion and correctly expect some services to be available and running locally:

  • rabbitmq
  • mongodb

./HWIMO-TEST will run local tests, and was built for running on a jenkins build slave, and will run the tests, jshint, and code coverage all together.


The following configuration values can be overridden via the environment, command line, or via the global configuration file located at /opt/monorail/config.json.

The global configuration file location can be overridden by setting a new configuration file value in the environment using the MONORAIL_CONFIG environment variable.


Defaults to amqp://localhost.


Defaults to mongodb://localhost/pxe.


Defaults to localhost:8125.


A 32 bit base64 encoded string, defaults to qxfO2D3tIJsZACu7UA6Fbw0avowo8r79ALzn+WeuC8M=.