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Oklab color space in JavaScript

Oklab is a color space suitable for color manipulation and image processing. Based on public domain C++ code published by Björn Ottosson.

The main attraction is a pair of functions to convert between linear SRGB and Oklab:

import {linearSrgbToOklab, oklabToLinearSrgb} from 'oklab';

const greenSrgb = {r: 0, g: 1, b: 0};

// Convert from linear SRGB to Oklab and back
// (Expect a small precision error on a roundtrip like this)

const greenOklab = linearSrgbToOklab(greenSrgb);
// {L: 0.866439…, a: -0.233920…, b: 0.179423…}

// {r: 0.000000…, g: 1.000000…, b: 0.000000…}

Linear SRGB color is represented as an object {r, g, b}, with channels between 0 and 1.

Oklab is represented as an object {L, a, b} where L is between 0 and 1 for normal SRGB colors. a and b have a less clearly defined range, but will normally be between -0.5 and +0.5. Neutral gray colors will have a and b at zero (or very close).

To convert SRGB to grayscale with Oklab, you only need L (lightness). linearSrgbToOklabLightness() returns the value of L directly:

import {linearSrgbToOklabLightness} from 'oklab';

linearSrgbToOklabLightness({r: 0, g: 1, b: 0});
// 0.866439…

For convenience, there's also mixOklab() which takes two Oklab {L, a, b} objects and blends them by a factor 0-1 (defaults to 0.5).

import {linearSrgbToOklab, oklabToLinearSrgb, mixOklab} from 'oklab';

const white = linearSrgbToOklab({r: 1, g: 1, b: 1});
const blue = linearSrgbToOklab({r: 0, g: 0, b: 1});

const mix25 = mixOklab(white, blue, 0.25);
// {L: 0.862998…, a: -0.008088…, b: -0.077993…}
const mix50 = mixOklab(white, blue);
// {L: 0.726009…, a: -0.016185…, b: -0.155868…}
const mix75 = mixOklab(white, blue, 0.75);
// {L: 0.589019…, a: -0.024281…, b: -0.233744…}

// {r: 0.173162…, g: 0.364795…, b: 1.083732…}

As you can see in the blue channel in the last example, mixing two colors in gamut can create colors that are out of gamut.



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