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This module is designed to provide an opinionated Express.js configuration that adds Parse Server for database management and Ghost as a CMS. Ohm also implements a simple session tracking service which allows session management for both express and (more details to come).

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Set up environment

Assuming you are running homebrew up-to-date on a Mac, here is how you configure your dev environment

brew install mongodb
brew install nvm
brew install redis
# Configure Dependencies 
brew services start mongodb
nvm install v6.10.2
nvm alias default v6.10.2
npm install -g bower
redis-server &


npm install --save ohm


create a new file server.js and create a config file.

(function() {
  'use strict';
  const config        = require('./config.js');
  const Ohm           = require('ohm');
  module.exports = new Ohm(config);
required params
  • env: environment variable
  • host: hostname
  • port: port
  • ROUTES: location of the site's regular routes
  • VIEWS_PATH:: location of the pug views directory
  • STATIC_PATH: location of where static files should be served
  • SESSION_KEY: the key used for the cookie
optional params:
  • PARSE_PATH: route for parse server
  • PARSE_DASHBOARD: route for parse dashboard
  • GHOST_PATH: the path that ghost CMS will use
  • GHOST_CONFIG: location of the ghost config
  • SOCKETS: location of the site's sockets routes
  • SOCKETIO_SESSION_SECRET: Secret used for auth
  • MONGO_URI: mongdb url (e.g. mongodb://MONGO_HOST:MONGO_PORT)
  • MONGO_DB: Mongodb database name
  • MONGO_PORT: port for mongoDB (default localhost)
  • MONGO_HOST: host for mongoDB (default 27017)
  • REDIS_PORT: port for redis (default 6379)
  • REDIS_HOST: host for redis (default localhost)


For Full details see package.json