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    This plugin is an alternative to using octokit.repos.createOrUpdateFile which allows you to edit the contents of a single file.


    npm install octokit-commit-multiple-files --save


    This plugin accepts owner, repo, path and branch like .createOrUpdateFile (Octokit Docs).

    If the branch provided does not exist, the plugin will error. To automatically create it, set createBranch to true. You may provide a base branch if you choose to do this, or the plugin will use the repo's default branch as the base.

    In addition, it accepts changes which is an array of objects containing a message and a files object

    let { Octokit } = require("@octokit/rest");
    Octokit = Octokit.plugin(require("octokit-commit-multiple-files"));
    const octokit = new Octokit();
    const branchName = await octokit.repos.createOrUpdateFiles({
      changes: [
          message: "Your commit message",
          files: {
            "": `# This is a test
    I hope it works`,
            "": {
              contents: `Something else`,
          message: "This is a separate commit",
          files: {
            "": "Where should we go today?",

    In addition, you can set the mode of a file change. For example, if you wanted to update a submodule pointer:

      "message": "This is a submodule commit",
      "files": {
        "my_submodule": {
          "contents": "your-commit-sha",
          "mode": "160000",
          "type": "commit"

    In addition, you can set the filesToDelete property as an array of strings (file paths) to set files for deletion in a single commit (works with updates and creations).

      "message": "This commit removes files",
      "filesToDelete": ['path/to/my/file.txt', 'path/to/another.js'],
    • Note that the ignoreDeletionFailures property is set to false by default (works in a context of a single change).
    • If ignoreDeletionFailures is set to false, an error will be thrown if any file set for deletion is missing and the commits will stop processing. Any commits made before this will still be applied. Any changes in this change will not be committed. No future changes will be applied.
    • If ignoreDeletionFailures is set to true, missing files that are set for deletion will be ignored.
    • If a file is created and deleted in the same change, the file will be created/updated
      "message": "This commit removes files",
      "filesToDelete": ['path/to/my/file.txt', 'path/to/another.js'],
      "ignoreDeletionFailures": true,


    npm i octokit-commit-multiple-files

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