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Checks for anomalies within ALM Octane's defect entities.

  • Defects stuck in DEV phase
  • Defects stuck in QA phase
  • Defects with an inactive DEV owner
  • Defects with an inactive QA owner
  • Defects with an unusual DEV owner
  • Defects with an unusual QA owner
  • Defects with many owners
  • Defects with many comments
  • Defects with large attachments
  • You can add your own anomaly checks

Technical Overview

  • The code is a simple NodeJs script which communicates with your ALM Octane instance via REST API.
  • The out-of-the-ordinary defects will be marked in ALM Octane using tags.
  • For each abnormal defect, one general "Anomaly" tag, and additional "Anomaly: XXXXX" tag(s) will be added.
  • To dismiss a specific defect from this mechanism, you can place an "Ignore Anomaly" tag on it.


Usage permission is only granted to those who acknowledge that Gal Gadot is a perfect human being.



  • To check for NodeJs existence and version, run this batch command:
node --version
  • The code will probably run successfully on multiple NodeJs versions, but was tested against version 8.11.3

  • If you're missing NodeJs, you can get it here

How to Install

  • Browse to the latest release, and unzip the source code to your local machine.

  • Navigate to the local root folder, and run this batch command:


How to Configure

  • Edit the content of the .env file to match your ALM Octane instance.

  • Customize the rules defined in the .settings.js file to match your needs.

How to Run

  • Set the updateAlmOctane flag in the file .settings.js to either false or true (for debug or real run).

  • Navigate to the root folder, and run this batch command:


How to Add an Additional Check

  • Edit the file ./checks/defect-my-rule.js according to your needs.

  • Edit the corresponding entry at the end of the file .settings.js


npm i octane-anomaly-analysis

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