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oc-warmup Build Status


Allows to warmup all components for a given OpenComponents' registry. In practice, given every registry's instance has an internal cache for components' compiled views and server.js' closures, the module performs the following actions:

  • It scans the registry to retrieve components' list
  • Requests info for each component (latest version only) in order to get components' API (mandatory parameters and example values)
  • Makes a POST request for all components so that the cache is populated from S3
  • Responds with the list of components that responded with a 200 or not
var warmup = require('oc-warmup');
  url: '',
  // optional params 
  components: function(c){ return === 'header' && c.oc.state !== 'deprecated'; },
  headers: { 'accept-language': 'en-US' },
  timeout: 20000
}, function(error, result){
  // => something like 'error connecting to registry' or null 
  // => something like { successful: ['a', 'b'], errors: ['* c: error blabla (500)']}