JavaScript (ECMAScript) and Objective-J compiler with preprocessor


A tiny, fast JavaScript and Objective-J compiler with built in preprocessor. Written in JavaScript.

It uses a parser extended from the Acorn JavaScript parser by Marijn Haverbeke.

See http://github.com/mrcarlberg/acorn

The parser has a built in C like preprocessor.


#define MAX(x, y) (x > y ? x : y)
var m1 = MAX(a, b);
var m2 = MAX(1420);

Will be compiled to:

var m1 = (a > b ? a : b);
var m2 = (14 > 20 ? 14 : 20);

For more info see http://www.cappuccino-project.org/blog/2013/05/the-new-objective-j-2-0-compiler.html

Objective-J limitations: It can't compile Objective-J code that depends on other Objective-J files. The Objective-J load and runtime is needed for this. But it will work as long as you declare any superclass in the same file.