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Converts an options object to an array suitable for passing to child_process.spawn().

Single letter object properties (e.g. c: "red") convert to short-option args (e.g. -c red). Longer object properties (e.g. colour: "red") convert to long-option args (e.g. --colour red). Object property values equalling true convert to flags (e.g. -l).

This options object:

var options = {
    l: true,
    c: "red",
    man: "pete",
    tramp: true

converts to

[ "-l", "-c", "red", "--man", "pete", "--tramp" ]


Move into your project directory then run:

$ npm install object-to-spawn-args --save

Mac / Linux users may need to run with sudo.


var toSpawnArgs = require("object-to-spawn-args");
var spawn = require("child_process").spawn;
var options = {
    l: true,
    a: true
spawn("ls", toSpawnArgs(options), { stdio: "inherit" });