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Objc2Swift.js is an Objective-C to Swift converter written in JavaScript. (Live Demo)

This project is still highly experimenal and does not aim to provide human-less conversion. However, the most of Objective-C code can be converted to proper Swift code with less compilation errors.

Note: the author currently has no plan to support full features of Swift 3 or greater.


  • Generate good-looking Swift 2.1 code from Objective-C code.
  • Full Objective-C parser which accepts large source code, not for toy-problem.
  • Preserve indents and comments in the original Objective-C code.
  • Reduce compilation errors with semantics analysis. See the Document for detail.
  • Command-line version supports #import delective with pre-compiled header cache.


$ npm install -g objc2swift

Then, run the objc2swift command with --init option to setup the default configuration.

$ objc2swift --init ios

Note that the parameter ios means to setup objc2swift for using Xcode's iOS SDK. If you want to target other SDK, use osx, tvos or watchos.


Pass the target source file to the command. The conversion result will be written to the current directory with extension .swift.

$ objc2swift foo.m

The first conversion is very slow since there is no pre-compiled header cache. It will be speed-up later.

By default, the command searches user headers from the current directory and its subdirectories. To import more headers, use -I option can be used to specifiy include paths. For example,

$ objc2swift -I ~/git/myproject/ foo.m

The path specified by -I is recursively traversed.


The default config path is ~/.objc2swift/config.json. A typical content of config.json is like following. If you want to add user header search path permanently instead of -I, add the path to includePaths array.

    "systemIncludePaths": [
    "includePaths": []

How to Build

git clone https://github.com/okaxaki/objc2swift.git
cd objc2swift
npm install
npm run build

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