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Obelisk.js is a JavaScript Engine for building isometric pixel objects.

With the simple and flexible API provided by it, you can easily add isometric pixel element like brick, cube, pyramid onto HTML5 canvas. Obelisk.js strictly follows the pixel neat pattern: lines with 1:2 pixel dot arrangement, leading to an angle of 22.6 degrees.

You should know this is not for vector isometric graphics drawing. In fact it is not using any canvas graphic drawing API at all, instead, it manipulates all the things in pixel level to obtain typical pixel arrangement. Just try it out to pixelate something. Have fun.



User Contributed:

Getting started

Simply include obelisk.js in your project

<script src="//path/to/obelisk.min.js"></script>

In JavaScript

// create a canvas 2D point for pixel view world 
var point = new obelisk.Point(200, 200);
// create view instance to nest everything 
// canvas could be either DOM or jQuery element 
var pixelView = new obelisk.PixelView(canvas, point);
// create cube dimension and color instance 
var dimension = new obelisk.CubeDimension(80, 100, 120);
var gray = obelisk.ColorPattern.GRAY;
var color = new obelisk.CubeColor().getByHorizontalColor(gray);
// build cube with dimension and color instance 
var cube = new obelisk.Cube(dimension, color, true);
// render cube primitive into view 

For more details, check the tutorial part 1: To build the first cube or try the code yourself


Also you can use it in your Node.js canvas project

As node.js canvas dependency can be tricky to install (binary dependency on Cairo) we are not adding it as a project dependency. You will need to add the canvas dependency explicitly on your project:

$ npm install canvas
$ npm install obelisk.js

In your JavaScript

// load Node Canvas dependency 
var Canvas = require('canvas');
// load obelisk.js module 
// here we need the Canvas as a module parameter 
var obelisk = require('obelisk.js')(Canvas);
// create a Node Canvas instance 
var canvas = new Canvas(600,450);
// Use obelisk the same way you will use it in the browser ... 
// Save canvas to a file 

For more details, check the Node.js Canvas example.


Step by step:

Sample code for building all primitives:


To add more pixel primitives - 4 directions slopes will be the first

Get in Touch

  • Build any cool stuff? Please feel free to add it here: User Contributed Showcase I prefer you not to send PR to update, someone will update it at some point:)
  • Bugs & Suggestions: open an issue
  • Twitter: @rison


See details in the release notes.


Pixel art is a form of digital art, where images are edited and displayed on the pixel level. The isometric projection is commonly seen in games to provide a 3D view without using any real 3D processing.


Obelisk.js is released under the MIT License