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    Airbnb JavaScript Standard Style plus TypeScript and React

    Airbnb JavaScript coding style + react + .tsx support.

    Based on Flet/semistandard


    The easiest way to use JavaScript Semi-Standard Style to check your code is to install it globally as a Node command line program. To do so, simply run the following command in your terminal (flag -g installs oairbnb-standard globally on your system, omit it if you want to install in the current working directory):

    npm install oairbnb-standard -g

    After you've done that you should be able to use the oairbnb-standard program. The simplest use case would be checking the style of all JavaScript files in the current working directory:

    $ oairbnb-standard
    Error: Use JavaScript Semi-Standard Style
      lib/torrent.js:950:11: Expected '===' and instead saw '=='.

    Custom Parser

    To use a custom parser, install it from npm (example: npm install babel-eslint) and add this to your package.json:

      "oairbnb-standard": {
        "parser": "babel-eslint"


    Install Syntastic and add these lines to .vimrc:

    let g:syntastic_javascript_checkers=['standard']
    let g:syntastic_javascript_standard_exec = 'oairbnb-standard'

    For automatic formatting on save, add these two lines to .vimrc:

    autocmd bufwritepost *.js silent !oairbnb-standard % --fix
    set autoread

    Ignoring files

    Just like in standard, The paths node_modules/**, *.min.js, bundle.js, coverage/**, hidden files/folders (beginning with .), and all patterns in a project's root .gitignore file are automatically excluded when looking for .js files to check.

    Sometimes you need to ignore additional folders or specific minfied files. To do that, add a oairbnb-standard.ignore property to package.json:

      "ignore": [

    Make it look snazzy

    If you want prettier output, just install the snazzy package and pipe semistandard to it:

    $ oairbnb-standard --verbose | snazzy

    See airbnb/javascript for more information.


    npm i oairbnb-standard

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