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Download/grab binary posts from NNTP (Usenet) servers using Node.js.

$ npm install nzb-grabber-js

Pass an NZB file buffer which will be parsed and all files and their chunks downloaded. Chunks arrive in order so you can append them to an existing file. When all files are downloaded done is set.

NzbGrabber = require 'nzb-grabber-js'
client = new NzbGrabber
    'host': ''
    'port': 119,
    'user': 'username'
    'pass': 'password'
    'conn': 4
client.grab nzbFile, (err, filename, chunk, done) ->
    fs.appendFile './downloads/' + filename, chunk, (err) ->
        console.log 'All files downloaded' if done

Have a look into ./example/