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    USER BEWARE: This code has not been highly tested so use in production at your own risk.

    Nucleus React

    This is a set of components used for building medium to large scale web applications built from the ground up for ReactJS.

    More details to come at an underdetermined point of time in the future.

    Phases To Complete

    • Get all core components mostly functionality with ok UX (browser support: Chrome)
    • Do code refactoring to get all code within coding standards (browser support: Chrome)
    • Create interactive examples for all core components (browser support: Chrome)
    • Focus on getting the UX for all components 100% done (browser support: Chrome)
    • Get all components working in FireFox (browser support: Chrome / FireFox)
    • Get all code working in Edge, at least the latest version but also test previous version (browser support: Chrome / FireFox / Edge)
    • Test code in IE 10 / 11 and determine what support this code should have (browser support: Chrome / FireFox / Edge / maybe IE 10 / 11)
    • Test code in Safari and determine what support this code should have
    • Build out for feature full examples that show real application type features instead of just individual component by themsevles

    List Of Things That Will Not Be Offically Supported

    • IE 9 and lower will not be supported (IE 10 - 11 might not even be supported)
    • While responsiveness will be implemented mobile will not be supported




    npm i nucleus-react

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