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nrush 🦀

A speedy way to update all packages in a Node/Bun project. (probably) less featured, less tested, and less reliable alternative to npm-check-updates, but hey, it's blazingly fast 🔥



bunx nrush@latest


npx nrush@latest


  • nrush about - Display comprehensive information about NRush.
  • nrush help - Provide a usage guide for NRush. Primarily, this section.

Arguments: (Arguments are applicable only if no commands are supplied and only nrush is executed.)

  1. Update Options (-u / --update):

    • Automatically updates all dependencies without user interaction.
  2. Interactive Mode (-i / --interactive)

    • User can select which packages to update. Defaults to this if both -u and -i are supplied.
  3. Include (--include <dev,peer>):

    • Include dev and/or peer dependencies in the update process. Default is none, but can be modified to include dev and/or peer, separated by commas.
  4. Path Specification (-p <path> / --path <path>):

    • Specify the path to a package.json file. The default is the current directory.
  5. Skip Ranges in Versioning (--skip-ranges):

    • Skips version ranges in package.json. Default is false, preserving them.
    • Example: ^1.0.0 will be updated to 2.0.0 if --skip-ranges is supplied.
  6. Update Any Version (--update-any):

    • Updates * versions in package.json. Default is false, maintaining them.
    • Example: * will be updated to 2.0.0 if --update-any is supplied.
  7. Semver Constraint (-s <semver> / --semver <semver>):

    • Specify a maximum semver range to update to. Choose either major, minor, or patch. Default is major.
    • This currently does nothing.

By executing nrush without any arguments or commands, a list of updatable packages will be displayed, and you'll be prompted to install them._.


I made this as a personal alternative to npm-check-updates, mostly as a challenge to write a less feature-packed, faster version that checks the packages concurrently, resulting in 🔥speed🔥.

From my testing, here are the differences (same project, ~60 dependencies)

  • bunx npm-check-updates -u takes ~30 seconds
  • bunx nrush -u takes ~2 seconds

Yes, that's more than 90% faster. Concurrency baby.


Please do. I don't really do Rust that often, and all of this was done in 30 minutes.


  • full feature set from npm-check-updates


  • nrush is short for npm rush, as in "please get me up to date, I want the bleeding edge stuff and I love suffering"
  • this completely ignores version ranges set in your package.json. Watch out.
  • couldn't get this to build on Mac. I'll fix it eventually.

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